Terracina - Gaeta - Sperlonga

Come scegliere lo scarpone perfetto



Stai per affrontare un’escursione? Le 5 cose che non puoi dimenticare di portarti con te.

Intervista a Giors

In Punta di Piedi

Intervista a Mario Dibona

Swiss 4.000 M Party

Diretta dei Cecoslovacchi alla Punta Ferrario

Come Pulire i Vostri Scarponi

Il respiro dei miei pensieri

Un viaggio interiore ispirato dalla forza del bosco.

Come prepararsi per un cammino

Una guida sintetica per chi vuole mettersi in cammino, scegliendo un viaggio che unisce trekking ed esplorazione del territorio

Caravanserai 2019, un unico grande viaggio

L’ultimo capitolo di Caravanserai 2019 ci porta a varcare il confine con la Cina, con il Tagikistan e con l’Afghanistan, tra alpinismo e viaggio alla scoperta di un mondo remoto.

Come scegliere gli scarponi da montagna

Andrea, guida alpina del gruppo InMont, ci spiega quali caratteristiche ricercare in uno scarpone adatto all’uso in alta quota.

Caravanserai 2019: in bici sulla Via della Seta

Ripercorriamo la prima parte di Caravanserai, un viaggio in bici sulla Via della Seta, tra alpinismo e desiderio di scoprire un mondo remoto

Sul Cammino dei Sanniti

Un trekking in Molise di più giorni per scoprire un territorio poco noto ma ricchissimo di storia e suggestioni

Capanna Margherita: affrontare un 4000

L’ascesa alla Capanna Margherita sul Monte Rosa è l’escursione ideale per chi vuole salire di quota e avventurarsi oltre i 4000 metri

Tour del Monte Bianco: obiettivo raggiunto!

Marika, volto di My Life in Trek e Ambassador di Garmont, ha completato il tour ad anello sulle pendici del Re delle Alpi: ripercorriamo con lei questa impresa

La parete dell'Eiger, ai miei piedi

L’Eiger è una vera e propria icona dell’alpinismo europeo e affrontare l’ascesa verso la cima è sempre un’emozione. Massimo, guida alpina e ambassador di Garmont, ci regala un’istantanea di questa esperienza unica.

La via Oppio Colnaghi

Cosa vuol dire affrontare una delle vie storiche delle Alpi Apuane? Ce lo racconta una delle nostre guide

Caravanserai, in viaggio per il mondo

Sebastiano Audisio porta la sua Occitania tra le vie del mondo, tra alpinismo e spirito di avventura

I 10 itinerari più belli tra Abruzzo e Molise

L’Italia è ricca di cammini: la nostra guida ci consiglia ci svela i percorsi più suggestivi nel cuore del Paese

Come affrontare una ferrata

Abbiamo chiesto alle nostre guide alpine di darci qualche consiglio su come affrontare una via ferrata in sicurezza

Guida pratica: cosa portare in montagna

Cosa mettere nello zaino per andare in montagna? Ecco la nostra check list!

Come vestirsi in montagna

Un maestro di escursionismo ci spiega come scegliere l’abbigliamento perfetto per andare in montagna

Sulle montagne dell’Himalaya a piedi nudi

Quanto sono importanti le scarpe in montagna? Una riflessione nata ai piedi dell'Himalaya, da un gesto semplice eppure potente

Perché andare in montagna?

Una riflessione sul significato dell'andare in montagna, da parte di chi la montagna la vive ogni giorno.

Itinerario in Perù: a filo d'acqua

In un viaggio in Perù quello che più colpisce è la varietà del paesaggio: dai laghi al deserto, è un turbinio di colori e di sensazioni.

Trekking a Stromboli, sul cratere del vulcano

Fare un trekking a Stromboli è un'esperienza davvero unica: solo qui si può arrivare fino dentro a un vulcano attivo

Come scegliere la scarpa da trekking ideale

Scegliere la giusta scarpa per andare in montagna non è facile: qui vi diamo qualche consiglio utile

Perù, un sogno condiviso

Visitare Machu Picchu è il sogno di molti appassionati di montagna e di antiche civiltà: vi raccontiamo raggiungere finalmente questo luogo magico.

Ad amare la montagna si impara fin da piccoli

Portare i bambini in montagna e insegnare loro come vivere in questo ambiente è una responsabilità, ma anche una grande emozione. Ce ne parla Cristian Candiotto, guida alpina e ambassador di Garmont.

The mountains in winter

With the arrival of winter, the mountains are even more magical considering how enchanted they are to begin with. Forests transform into kingdoms turned white by the snow, gently blanketing the lairs of hibernating animals. At night, when the sky is clear, the stars shine bright and their reflection creates a decorative glow on the ...

Toubkal: a boot for challenging excursions

If you are about to embark on a challenging new adventure, you will need the right shoes to take it on in the best way possible, whether you are a veteran or novice hiker. Garmont Toubkal mountain hiking boots are available for both men and women and will meet your needs thanks to technologies that ...

Must-have items for mountain lovers

For many, heading to the mountains in winter is a necessary ritual. Many consider taking on the season’s weather conditions as a higher challenge that goes beyond just enjoying the spectacular snowy scenery and breath-taking landscapes. However, to make the most of this experience, you will need to have the right equipment. Let’s take a ...

The right nutrition for a hike

The day of your excursion has finally arrived, and you’ve got your pack on your shoulders, properly prepared, you are wearing the right shoes — able to provide comfort and stability during your hike — and so you set out to admire new landscapes. Training is important for those who are physically active but so ...

Atacama: happy hiking for women!

There’s a new shoe that is breathable, light, and made for women, and it’s called ATACAMA! Ideal for everyday hikes, these shoes are also perfect for use on uneven or urban terrain. The melange mesh upper makes them very soft, boasting a city style. The Vibram sole with XS TREK compound has been designed for ...

The mountains in autumn: so many activities!

The mountains in autumn are a spectacle to be truly enjoyed! Fall foliage makes for an explosion of colors in nature — reds, yellows, and oranges — transforming the forests into a wonderfully warm and rich palette. With summer behind us, now we enter into the best season for excursions or weekends away from the city, making ...

Returning to nature, the beauty of walking

“If you are a free man, then you are ready for a walk” These words were written by Henry David Thoreau, who left his home of Concord, Massachusetts, in July of 1845 to live alone in a hut on Walden Pond. He stayed there for a bit more than two years, and this experience became ...

Garmont 9.81 = Grip x movement/reactivity²

12 testers, 3 models of footwear, endless trails to run and discover! As they say, numbers sing for those who know how to listen and this was never truer than in the case of the new 9.81 models from Garmont. 9.81 m/s² is Newton’s acceleration value for an object moving along the Earth’s surface and ...

A summer of hiking

There are many interesting destinations also outside of Europe for adventure, with new lands to be explored. We recently discussed new places to discover like Scotland and the Dolomites but there are so many more to learn all about. If you like to travel and don’t mind long trips, one of the destinations we’d suggest ...

Tikal: from the great outdoors to the city

Are you an “urban explorer”? Garmont has the right shoe for you! Tikal is a contemporary line for avid travelers who are also fashion conscious. These shoes offer outdoor characteristics with a city style, perfect for the adventures that are part of everyday urban life. Available for both men and women and in various colours, they ...

Summer holidays in the mountains

In summer, the mountains offer relaxation, fun, and adventure. Whether you are travelling with friends or family, Europe has many destinations that can offer unique and memorable experiences. Some of the mountain activities you can take part in include hiking, excursions, climbing, and long walks, discovering amazing landscapes. Or you can take mountain bike rides, ...

Discovering Scotland’s Great Trails

You too could walk in Harry Potter’s footsteps along the trail that follows the Glenfinann viaduct where the Hogwarts Express travels in the famous films. This is just one of twenty-six exciting itineraries that make up Scotland’s Great Trails. The trails twist and turn throughout Scotland and are perfect for avid hikers who love breathtaking ...


I’m often asked which mountain, summit, adventure I would like at the top of my bucket list. And every time I can’t put a name to an answer. This is followed naturally by the question about which climb has stayed with me and in the stories. Here again my declaration is still decidedly vague. How ...

Nordic walking, fitness into the nature

The warmer months are the right time to start doing physical activity. Which sport to choose? One good idea could be Nordic walking, a work-out for the whole body and an outdoor sport. This is walking with the aid of special poles, introduced in Finland as summer training for cross-country skiers. This sport soon became ...

Spring: new colours to discover

  Spring is the season when nature is reborn: the world transforms, offering us all new colours and landscapes. A new discovery—be it small or large—with every step, admiring and experiencing everything biodiversity and the environment have to offer. The first flowers that peek out from the grass, the roar of the rushing waters from ...

It is time to head to the mountains with Sticky

  Mountain hikes are all the more magical when nature starts to reawaken and colours are abloom. But it is important to pay attention to certain factors to avoid being injured, so that you can enjoy your hikes in the most comfortable way possible. One of the most important things to consider is making sure ...

Via Mamma Sandra – November 2017

A test run of “Mamma Sandra”, val di Zemola (above Erto), in the area of the Dolomites known as Oltrepiave. Level of difficulty: 7b This wonderful route was established by Daniele Geremia, Nicolò Cadorin and Maurizio Fontana in March of 2017. We are in a forgotten valley overlooking the south face of Mount Duranno, in ...

Tower Extreme LX GTX

The ideal shoes for trekking on glaciers and at very low temperatures. Every expert trekker and mountain climber needs a product suited to their excursions: Garmont has devised, researched and produced Tower Extreme LX GTX which, thanks to its materials and structure, allows maximum safety and comfort. These shoes are made of elastic materials, ideal ...

Winter trekking: be prepared!

The mountains in winter are especially seductive as they showcase the changing scenery, keep the other seasons under wraps, and prepare to reveal them anew in reinvigorated shapes and colors. Meanwhile, the snowy landscapes give us a sense of freedom and release from our everyday routines. If you’re a trekking enthusiast, whether pro or a ...

Expedition Pakistan 2017 – Part II

Did you succeed in any of your first ascents you planned? H: To introduce the answer, I must say that we didn’t reach the Sugulu peak. We slept sixty metres in altitude under the peak with the remaining distance being a relatively easy climb. We got to this level on the fourth day at about ...

Expedition Pakistan 2017 – Part I

Do you know what it takes to climb a six-thousander on an expedition? A first ascent attempt in Karakoram. A couple of mountaineers Honza Haráč and Martin Ksandr from Ostrava, the Czech Republic, made an expedition in August this year to Sugulu, a six-thousander in Karakoram, Pakistan. They managed to climb the northern pillar as far ...

Good feel with Technology Heel

Heel Lock Heel Lock technology holds the foot firmly to fix the heel so as to avoid blisters and allow you to think only about enjoying the scenery and the walk without worrying about tiresome foot pain.   G-Heel G-Heel technology is designed to support you on unstable terrain. With a variable heel-hold system and ...


Let’s continue our backpacking trip with the fourth basic point. 4. Choosing your gear TENT: If you will be travelling with an experienced friend, let him choose the best tent solution and then split the weight. If not, consider these three characteristics when choosing a tent: Capacity: how many people does it sleep; Seasonality: expected weather conditions; ...


  Let’s continue our backpacking trip with the third basic point. 3. Pack the essentials Now that you’ve found a friend to go into the wild with, and chosen the route you want to take, you have to pack your gear. Don’t forget the following for a safe and successful backpacking weekend. Pack a map and ...


The post SUMMER BACKPACKING: TIPS AND TRICKS PART III appeared first on Blog Garmont. ...


Discover the Garmont’s Anatomically Direct Design: the technology created to make better shoes for all your sport's needs! The post AD(D) MORE TO YOUR TREKKING! appeared first on Blog Garmont. ...


Here we are with the second part of our journey through the tips and tricks for the best first backpacking experience. If you missed it, here you can read part one! Let start the list of four basic points:   An experienced friend   “No man is an island” said Thomas Merton, American writer, poet and ...


Finally we got the summer: the people start their holidays and it grow a deep desire to get in touch with nature. So why don’t you make a break and gift yourself a full week end in the mountains? Backpacking is every day increasing its popularity towards the outdoor enthusiasts and all around the world ...


Dolomiti Mountains: their shape make them the most famous and admired mountains in the world. During the winter time there are 1200 ski slopes and 450 ski lift connected with only one skipass. From June till the first days of November, the Dolomiti Superski become Dolomiti Supersummer, another way to live mountains that you will ...


It’s time to relax! What about a break around the wonderful Misurina Lake? The Misurina Lake, at 1754 m above sea level is one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy and the largest natural one in the Cadore area. It is embraced by some of the most noble mountain outlines in the Dolomites: when you are here, it’s ...

What’s new at Garmont’s feet?

The wilderness has no secrets for us in Garmont, and we created a series of shoes just right for all needs. From Mountain to Approach, from Backpacking to Hiking and Active Escape, Garmont shoes will suit your mountain experience. This year we put ourselves on the line for new models and technologies.It might be stimulating ...


When you hear the word Dolomiti, you certainly think about the famous white rocks, that are also Unesco world Heritage. But Dolomiti are much more! You can find, for example, a particular pathway: “the trail of bees”. If you are looking for an excursion for families, this is the right solution. The trail of the ...

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